Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power of a Selfless Prayer

I never want to pray about me because when I do, I lose sight of you. You see, in order to look at myself, I have to take my eyes off of you. This was Peter's problem when crossing the water to Jesus. His mind lost focus of Christ, and instead turned inward, focusing on the dangers all around him. Rather than staying focused on Christ, Peter focused on Peter. If Peter would have focused on Christ, would he have still begun to sink? Of course not! Because rather than a selfish worry, he would have continued to trust in Jesus and His power to save him.

You see, if you're busy asking God to help you, then by necessity you have to stop focusing on those in need around you- even if it's just for a moment. And we know that disasterous things can happen in only moments. The average tornado is on the ground for less than 10 minutes, yet when they happen, they are utterly devastating. If you're praying for yourself, while everyone else is praying for you, then who is praying for them? It leaves a void.

God would much rather hear a prayer on behalf of someone else rather than a prayer for yourself. That's because a prayer for someone else comes from such an unselfish place, and this truly pleases God.


  1. The truly selfless prayer is characterized by Jesus in John 17. The cross was imminantly looming over Him; yet He prayed not for Himself but rather for those of us who would remain after His departure. John 17:11 is a key verse to demonstrate this thought.

  2. Very true, Sean! That's a great thing to meditate on throughout the day! Thanks, man!