Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work Out Your Own Salvation

"Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?" John 6:28

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new diet plan or workout machine that's being touted as the lost key to weight loss. In fact, the diet industry is expected to bring in $68.7 billion dollars. That's $10 billion dollars more than every US auto maker combined. That's quite an amazing statistic! But what is it behind people's mentality that drives them to spend so much? I believe that we are driven to spend so much because simply put, it's easier to spend great amounts of money than it is to spend a great amount of energy. Money has become a less valuable product than energy.

To a point, I can even understand this. The mother of three who comes home from work, has to get everyone fed, make sure homework is done, take kids to soccer and ballet, then home for a bath, and into bed. Whew! What a day! Where is the time for mom or dad? It doesn't exist, let alone time for workouts!

Doctors and other leading workout experts suggest that a cardio workout for the average person should last between 30-60 minutes, at least three times a week. That's at the most, 3 solid hours of working out per week. A week has 168 hours in it. This means that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you only have to spend 1.7% of your week exercising. Yet, millions upon millions of Americans each year opt to spend billions upon billions each year to try to avoid even doing this much.

The sad part is that we've allowed this mentality to infiltrate into our spiritual lives. Many of us have allowed ourselves to become convinced that by simply giving 1 hour a week (generally on Sunday mornings) to God, that that'll be enough to keep us spiritually healthy. 1 hour a week is only .5% of our entire week, yet some of us act like this is enough. Unfortunately, this usually leaves us in the same place as the diet pills- unhealthy, unwise and depressed.

Jesus demands us to go out and work every day as his disciples. And not just a 30 minute per day type work ethic. At the end of Luke chapter 9, Jesus tells us that the work that lies ahead of us will not be easy work. But it's our responsibility to make sure we're doing God's work, just as Jesus did.

You have a choice though, are you going to try to operate your spiritual life on the same principles that guide your wallet and waist line? If so, you know all too well where this will lead you. Just don't say you weren't expecting it.

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