Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Send A Note!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

It is a once in a lifetime story. It was 1944 in the height of WWII when 23 year old Army Air Force Transportation Sergeant Jay Robideaux was pulled from his regular job and ordered to join the air crew of 19 year old Gene Browning on a major bombing mission deep inside Nazi Germany. Though Jay was not a trained tail gunner, both men thought the job would be easy considering the size of the force they were flying with. Over 100 bombers took off together on that mission that day.

"As far as you could see ahead was our airplanes and the planes coming back were our bombers," recalled Gene.

Hope was high that they would return safely. That was until they saw the swarm of over 300 German fighter planes swarming the attack. During that battle Jay was critically injured by shrapnel to the back of his neck, though it did not penetrate because of the flak helmet he was wearing. It just so happened that, being a transportation sergeant, Jay was not issued a flak helmet. The one he was wearing was given to him by Gene as they loaded into the plane. Gene had saved his life by giving him that helmet, but it would not be the only time that would happen that day.

Jay continued to fight for another hour and a half, shooting out the rear of the plane in order to keep his crew alive. However, he would not have made it through the fight if Gene had not crawled back to him, and applied bandages to his neck.

"I remember they helped me and put a bandage on me and tried to stop the bleeding. But who they were I couldn't tell you," said Jay.

Gene and Jay never saw each other again after that. Until a few months ago, Gene, who lives an hour outside of Atlanta, tracked down Jay through email. Gene said he was so happy to know Jay was alive after all these years. Both of them are happy they could hear each others voices again with a phone call 66 years overdue.

Have you begun to feel a sense of distance growing between you and someone you care about? Do you wish there was something you could do to help the reconnection process? A lot of husbands and wives have felt a disconnect in their marriage over the years, and they are not alone. Sometimes friendships can become strained over time without us even realizing it. Whether it be time (like Jay and Gene), events, or disagreements that seperate you two, the fix could be simple.

Write them a note! Write that person a note and let them know how much you care for them. If it is your wife, leave a quick note on her bathroom mirror telling her how beautiful she is. If it is your husband, wrap his debit card with a quick love note and put it back in his wallet. Remind them that you still think about them when they are not around. Remind them that you miss them!

Perhaps it is a friend who you would like to reconnect to. The cure is still the same. Send them a quick text message or email letting them know you appreciate their friendship. You never know how far that can go to help repair a strained relationship. The majority of us own cell phones that do text and email, making us able to send and receive messages "on the fly."

Sometimes we send out these messages and don't get the desired response back, especially from friends. Perhaps they just send back one word, or maybe one sentence responses? You try to get more out of them, only to get less and less of a response as it goes on. Do not be discouraged or allow their response to shut you down. Continue your good work. Even if they only give you 25% back, keep sending them 100%. You will be a better person for it. Also, you can never fully know what affect your words are having on them.

In order to harvest a season of love, you must first plant the seed. Just as grain will not grow without first being planted as see, so to with relationships. So next time you are standing in line at Starbucks, send them a note letting them know that you appreciate them. Stuck in traffic? Send a note. Got a few minutes before a meeting? Send a note.

Want to reap a harvest of love? Send a note.

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