Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thess. 5:18
With less than an hour left in the Thanksgiving season, I have found a nice quiet place in the house that, only a few hours ago, was alive with family and friends. As I sit here, I reflect on the people my wife, Jennifer, and I were lucky enough to celebrate with. My wife and I were invited to spend Thanksgiving Day with our close friends, the Rodgers’, and their family. We were all too happy to accept.
As the day rolled on, I had the opportunity to watch many different age groups. From young children to grandparents, we had every age group and the adjoining life phases covered. Being able to see this today made me think, isn't it amazing how God designed life?
Take a moment and look back on your life. For those of us who have been through a few of life's steps can agree, you don't have much of a chance to get complacent in one before you are moving into the next; and it happens so naturally! From the time you're born as an infant, to the time you pass, you never stop learning and experiencing. Regardless of the way, we all continue to learn, all throughout life. This gives us the chance to never be bored with our lives.
The infant comes into the world with eyes that watch and observe everything. The child grows up to have children of their own, introducing them to a new aspect on how to interact as the parent now, filling a role that is again completely new to them.
In a mere 33 years, Jesus experienced all of this in his own life. He himself was born as an infant, learning lessons, and eventually becoming the savior of the world (John 3:16). Again, we have yet another example of God's amazing design simply by observing our very own life phases!
Looking back this Thanksgiving season, not only am I thankful for my life's many blessings (of which all come from God), I'm also thankful to Him for the many phases of life, the lessons that come with them, and the promise to never be bored in them.
The next time you become bored in life, just remember that it is only for such a short period of time. Try not to live in the past, because it has already past. Do not worry about the future; there are lessons to learn today. When you find yourself bored or overwhelmed, simply slow down and thank God for the phase you are in today. You will soon find yourself in the next phase, ready or not.

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