Monday, December 20, 2010

Slaves to the Son

"Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God," Romans 1:1 (Emphasis mine)

Every man who is worth his salt will struggle every day. The things that we struggle with will vary depending on who we are, but make no mistake, we all struggle. This is also the case with the person who's story I want to share with you. Though I don't know their name, it's their story that matters.

The person I want to introduce you to grew up around 2,400 years ago, living in a cave with others. This slave, like the others living in the cave, was chained to the floor of the cave, forced to face a wall, with a fire burning behind him. They were forced to stay in this position for their entire lives, only doing their master's will. The cave was ruled by the darkness, and the darkness only. This began to play on the psyche of this slave. He always felt there must be so much more to life than being tied down to this cold, dark cave that kept them from feeling any joy. He decided that if there was any chance to escape from this dark cave, he would take it. Realizing that there had to be so much more, he grew determined to escape the hopeless life that existed for him as a slave to the darkness.

So he began watching the slave masters, always observing their habits. Looking for a weakness that he could use. As he was planning in his mind, his arms began twisting and grinding on the shackles that were holding his wrists together. He had been made free of the bonds that kept him a slave. Now, with the chains broken, he left he cave as a free man.

The slave left the cave and hoped for something beautiful. He hoped for something he had never seen before as he began walking toward the front of the cave. As he came out of the cave, he stepped out a ways and stopped. The glory of the sun overwhelmed him! The slave knew that in his heart, the other cave dwellers needed to know about the glory of the sun, and he was determined to share the good news with them.

However, as he arrived and began teaching about the sun and all it's glory, the other cave dwellers could not see past their own misery to believe in such a thing. They immediately rejected the slave's message as too good to be true. They were so used to only being able to see the light by looking behind them, that they were unable to see the hope that lied directly in front of them.

You and I are, in a figurative sense, this former slave. We were once in bondage to darkness, with no hopes of ever being released. However, due to God's grace through His Son, Jesus Christ, we are released from our cave. While this slave found his glory in the sun, we find our glory in God's Son. When this slave found comfort in the warmth of the celestial sun, we find our comfort in the Heavenly Son. When we are released, we find The Son and all it's beautiful light which brightens up our world. We see the world through this light and decide that this is where we want to spend the rest of our life.

No, though I don't know his name, I can see his face. That's because the face of the freed slave has the face of you or me. Though this story was written over 2,400 years ago by Plato in his "Allegory of the Cave", it still rings true through you and I today.

Just like the slave did, I hope that we will all be willing to return back to the cave, not to stay, but rather to pull those still living there into the glory of the Heavenly Son.

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