Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do the Many Denominations In Christianity Prove It Is a False Religion?

Despite what an atheist would like you to believe, there are different forms of Atheism. They do their best to convince you of this by making you believe that since the inception of the Atheistic belief, there have been no divisions or break offs from the original concept. Atheism today is as Atheism was at the beginning. However, this is simply not the case. There is the true Atheist, who is 100% certain there is no such thing as God. Then there are the Agnostics, who are in this author’s opinion, the same as the Atheists, yet afraid to fully commit to their disbelief. Regardless, they insist they are different. Either you believe in God or you don’t. You are no less safe on judgment day by saying you cannot know if God exists (Agnosticism) than you are if you just outright said He doesn’t exist (Atheism). Then there is also the Humanist belief, which is yet another sect of Atheism. However, despite these acknowledged divisions, the Atheist would still like you to believe that there is only one solid branch of Atheism, with all parts in perfect harmony. This is deceit.

They attempt to prove that atheism is superior to Christianity in its belief because of this lack of division, which they say is apparent in the Christian belief. They try to overwhelm the audience with facts of divisions within the Christian faith such as the Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, or Presbyterian, etc. churches not agreeing with one another. They say that due to this obvious disharmony, the Christian religion is flawed and therefore should not be considered.

However, the answer to the Atheist’s tactics of confusion is to bring it back to simplicity. Ephesians 4:5 says, “One God, one faith, one baptism.” This is simple logic. If we think of it in the form of an Oak tree in our yard, then it can help us understand the condition of the “Christian” faith today.  Imagine a strong storm comes with heavy winds. If the tree and its trunk still stand, but a branch falls off during a storm, is that branch still considered a part of that tree? No. The tree is that part which originally grew out of the ground, and is supported by the trunk. Any limbs that fall off of it are no longer a part of the tree and are to be discarded as yard debris. 

The same can be applied to the Christian faith. God set up one faith through His Son Jesus (Ephesians 4:5), and anything that deviates, separates or removes itself from that original faith (or figurative tree trunk) is to be discarded as dead, no longer receiving life from the trunk. While these denominations at one point had to have started from the one true church that Christ founded on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1), once they began to deviate from the Gospel, they became the branches that fell off and were no longer considered a part of the tree.

The Atheist’s assertion is once again found to be flawed due to a lack of understanding of the very text they try to disprove. It is in the Christian’s benefit to be a modern day Berean and search the scriptures daily (Acts 17:11), so that they may be found as a member of the true faith God set up through His son, Jesus.

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